Stress-Free Pool Maintenance Guide for Your Family

A home with a pool is quite an investment. The pool provides a lot of benefits for your family. It is a venue for exercise through swimming or hosting parties for family and friends. It can also offer a place to hang out and relax during weekdays. 

Like all family assets, you should take good care of your pool by keeping it maintained. Everybody may want to have a pool, but not everyone wants to spend so much time cleaning the pool. Having a pool might sound like a luxury, but it takes a lot of hard work to maintain it. Once you start to run a pool, you will also have to commit cleaning it. Without proper maintenance, what once looks like a vacation resort might suddenly look like a swamp in no time.

In reality, pool maintenance can get extra stressful and not to mention expensive. To eliminate the stress in the upkeep of your backyard’s pool, we listed below three essential tips for a stress-free pool maintenance plan:

  • Take Note of the Households’ Swimming Habits

How often does your family take a swim at the pool? You might want to check in on who usually occupies the pool and for what purpose they use it. There can be months where your family uses the pool almost every day, such as practicing for competitions or enjoying the summer days without school. All in all, this information will help you decide how frequent you need to book pool cleaning maintenance services. It will also help you plan for the type of chemical treatments appropriate for your needs.

  • It’s Time to Have a “Chore Chart”

As we already established earlier, pool maintenance can be a handful. Aside from seeking a professional to help you from time to time, you should be able to distribute the task of maintaining the pool among the rest of your family members. 

It’s time to create a “Chore Chart” that everyone can follow. It is a great way to share responsibility and, at the same time, bond together as a family. The tasks, after all, are not that complicated. Some jobs involve cleaning the skimmers, brushing the pool, and cleaning using a vacuum cleaner. The task of maintaining water chemistry and checking the pump or filter is best left to the adults.

  • Choose Only One Trusted Pool Care Resource

In choosing who to call for maintaining your pool, make sure you find the company that provides the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions to cover all cleaning concerns. They should be professional, reliable, as well as affordable. Most of all, the pool maintenance company should be able to listen to their customers.


Pool maintenance should not be stressful if you plan carefully and ahead of time. There are many ways to keep your pool consistently clean without spending a ton of time or money. With regular maintenance, you and your family or friends can spend more time at the pool. 

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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation

Winter is in full effect, but summer is fast approaching, and you are yearning for a time when you can finally have your long-awaited vacation. Before leaving, however, you will need to think of what will happen to the condition of your pool. While you are away, you won’t be able to stop it from turning into a pit of mold, which makes it look pitiful once you return.

That said, here are five effective ways to ensure the cleanliness of your pool while you are away so that it remains safe for swimming once you return.

  1. Have someone check your pool

Pools require regular human intervention for maintenance and cleaning. Ask a friend or a neighbor to visit your house occasionally and perform basic maintenance tasks for your pool like raking leaves with a net, emptying the skimmer baskets, and washing the sand filter. You can even ask them to test the water. On the other hand, you can request the services of a swimming pool cleaning company that has adequate training in keeping your pool and the water spotless.

  1. Place cleaning chemicals

It’s best to ask someone knowledgeable about swimming pools because mixing the incorrect amount of chemicals that can spell trouble for water cleanliness. Incorrect backwashing can damage the filters or drain the pool water. If you can’t find anyone available, seek the assistance of a professional pool cleaning company in attending to your pool.

  1. Install a pump timer

If you don’t have one yet, have a timer installed before you go on vacation so that it can regulate the pump. Having this device in place saves you money instead of having your pump switched on for an entire day. Let your pump run for 12 hours or overnight if you will benefit from differential tariff wherein you pay the same energy rates in the morning and a lower rate at night.

  1. Check your water before you leave

Ensure that your pool’s chemistry is perfect before leaving. Checking the water will help those who will keep an eye on your pool and gives it the best chance of maintaining its ideal condition. Assess the water’s total chlorine, free chlorine, pH base, and alkalinity to avoid imbalances that can spell severe trouble. You must also check the salinity of saltwater pools and the hardness of the calcium content to avoid concerns while you are away.

  1. Clean before you go

Aside from balancing the pool’s chemicals, you must remove any debris or dirt before you leave. Ensure that the pool water is sparkling before you go and place a net above to prevent any unwanted leaves or debris from falling into the water.

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4 Effective Ways in Getting Rid of Fine Debris in Your Pool

The upkeep of your pool can be a tedious task. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required to ensure that your pool remains crystal-clear and safe for swimming. However, despite the cleaning, you can still find debris in your pool, such as dust, sand, and dirt.

When using a skimmer, you can instantly get rid of large items in your pool, such as leaves, insects, or objects. However, fine matters can quickly sink into the bottom of the pool and soon form a layer of sediment. Through time, you can see a build-up of bottom residue that’s very hard to remove.

If you are unsure of how to deal with such situations, below are four practical ways to eliminate fine debris in your pool before they form sediment.

1. Pump and filter

The first step that you can do is to pump and filter your pool. This pump-and-filter combo is effective at getting rid of fine debris from the pool water. The pump will ensure that the water circulates through the filter. As a result, fine particles will get filtered out. You will also notice the screen being filled with sand, diatomaceous earth, or zeolite. A pump pool typically works for eight hours a day while the filter takes care of the suspended and floating particles.

2. Scrub and brush

Know that the walls inside your pool require scrubbing. You can use a stiff brush to scrub the walls while water is still in the pool. This helps loosen the debris clinging to the walls, allowing them to settle at the bottom, which then can be easily removed. Also, make sure to brush the walls weekly during the swimming season when the pump is turned off. Vacuuming will then take care of the debris accumulated on the bottom.

3. Backwash basic

First, look for a leaf basket near the weir and rinse it out thoroughly. Second, turn the filter setting to “backwash” and then turn on the pump. This will flush the debris out of the filter and into the waste pipe. After a few minutes, set the filter to “rinse” and wait for another minute with the pump running. Finally, set the filter to “closed” and clean out the leaf trap near the pump, rinsing it as well. This process helps removed debris from the clogged filter.

4. Automatic pool cleaning

There’s a wide range of automatic pool cleaners available in the market. Some cleaners are similar to automatic vacuum cleaners that can remove debris and deposit it into the pool’s filter. Others are self-contained and filter freshwater back into the pool. In most cases, however, modern automatic pool cleaners are robotic and self-contained. Because of the variations, you will have to decide which type of automatic pool cleaner will work best for your pool.

Pool cleaning can be relatively simple and easy if you have the right equipment, know what to do, and maintain it regularly. On a more specific note, consider the valuable tips outlined above and witness the wonders it can do in removing fine debris from your pool.

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5 Tips To Help You Clean & Maintain Your Pool or Spa!

Having a swimming pool requires a high-maintenance. It can be challenging to clean up regularly, especially when all you want to do is submerge in its cold waters. Cleaning is the least activity that any pool owner wants to do with their pool. Nevertheless, it is still very much a necessity. Otherwise, you’ll be paying outrageous amounts of dollars just to keep the pool pump and filter running, and this is where professional pool cleaning services come into the picture. 

The main goal of pool maintenance is to keep your pool clean and properly running for a long time. That said, below are five ways to clean the pool conveniently. 

  1. Remove all debris from the surface. 

Get a skimming net to remove twigs, leaves, or anything dead that floats on your pool. Skimming is necessary so that whatever floats won’t get to the bottom part of the pool. If it does, the debris will disintegrate and will clog up the filter. A skimming net will scoop up leaves and other debris easily, yet you need to be thorough with your work. It might take some time to get used to the process, but it’s fun to do so. 

  1. Scrub the sides for algae and bacteria

These species tend to multiply without anyone’s notice. The summer sun encourages growth, which causes these species to linger on the tiles on the side of the pool. If the tiles feel slippery to your touch, it is an indication of the presence of algae and bacteria. Get a long telescopic pole to attach a pool brush with, then, scrub the sides and the bottom of your pool. Scrub thoroughly to remove the foreign particles that are in your pool. The pool vacuum and the filter will collect them quickly so that you don’t have to worry about it after that because it doesn’t require much pressure from the pool parts. 

  1. Vacuum the pool to get dirt that the filter can’t process

A vacuum is the filter’s double-tap because it makes sure that all the mess is cleaned. The vacuum will help the filter clean the water and especially the ground. Filters can work just as fine when cleaning the water, but when it comes to cleaning the pool floor, it requires the vacuum. 

Cleaning the pool floor is very much like cleaning your house floor by pushing it in straight parallel lines. Don’t pull the vacuum out of the water because it will create airflow problems that will cause a delay. Because this job takes much of your time, the task will be more complicated if you’re also not sure about what you’re doing. This is why more and more people are buying robot vacuums to vacuum the pool at frequent intervals. This is to ensure that your pool maintains its quality so that it will not jeopardize your health and hygiene. 

  1. Check if the chemicals are balanced.

You need to watch out whether or not the pH level of your swimming water is balanced. Pools need chlorine or saltwater to discourage the growth of algae and bacteria from maintaining its cleanliness for a longer time. 

  1. Clean out the filter and its surrounding areas

When the rest of the pool is cleaned, the filter is the last one to go. It doesn’t have to be intensive because you merely need to take it out and rinse it to make sure all foreign objects are dislodged. 

Should you find the tips above too much for you to handle, you can hire professional services instead. They can do all of these steps faster and without you needing to lift a finger. 

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