Why You Should Have a Professional Clean Your Pool vs DIY.

When pool owners think of pool cleaning, they obviously believe they can do it themselves. After all, if they can clean their bathrooms, why not their swimming pool? It should save them money if they do it themselves but, is it really the case?

Hiring a professional pool cleaning team would save you money

It seems counter-intuitive to think that hiring a team of professionals to clean your pool for you would save you money. Indeed, it would save you time, but money? You might find it unthinkable.

But pool cleaning is not as simple a task as cleaning your house. You have to get debris out of the water without draining the pool, and that debris includes floating silt-sized particles that you may not see. You have to treat the water before it goes to the drain. The pool’s filters need to be replaced, and the chemistry of the pool water needs to be tested. All of these tasks require the skill and expertise of a professional, something that you have to admit you may not have. If you attempt any of these tasks yourself, you can make costly mistakes. Such mistakes would invariably result in you hiring someone to repair what you ruined.

A professional cleaning team would also ensure that the water in your pool has the right balance of chlorine. Too much chlorine can irritate the skin, while too little can make the pool an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. You must get the balance of chlorine right to protect the health of everyone who uses your pool. If you hire a professional pool cleaner, you can avoid any health problems that could be caused by bacteria in the water of your pool. This, in turn, will save you thousands in medical bills.

Chemical imbalances in the pool’s water can also damage the surface and plumbing of the pool. Avoid corrosion and leaks with proper preventative maintenance.

Your pool also has mechanical parts such as the pump and motor. A professional should handle the cleaning of those components to avoid damage to them. A professional would also be able to identify potential issues with your swimming pool, fixing these issues early with often save you money. 

Hire a professional pool cleaner for consistent cleaning schedules

Cleaning your pool once a year won’t do. So if you have a busy work schedule or other commitments to attend to, you might not have enough to commit to a regular pool cleaning schedule. Letting a professional do it for you will ensure that your pool gets cleaned regularly without you having to lift a single finger. If something is not right, you have the liberty to call them back to get it fixed.

Have peace of mind when you hire a professional

We have mentioned it before, but hiring a professional will keep you from worrying about making mistakes and forgetting cleaning schedules. Rely on these people to make your pool a safe and beautiful place to swim in. They will give you your money’s worth by keeping your pool well-maintained, which in turn will provide you with more time to spend with friends and family. Peace of mind is worth more than what you think you will save if you go the DIY route in terms of pool cleaning.

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Why You Should Maintain the Proper pH Level in Your Pool.

If you have a pool in your backyard, you already know how important it is to maintain it. Not only will this keep your pool sparkling and clean, but it will also keep your family safe as well. A crucial part of maintaining and cleaning a pool is making sure that the pH balance of the water is at its proper level. 

Hydrogen, also known as pH, is a scale that measures the acidity and basicity of any liquid. Traditionally, the pH scale ranges from zero to fourteen. Anything less than seven is an acidic solution, anything over that is considered as a basic solution, and pure water stays neutral at precisely seven. Having the correct pH balance in your pool is key to keeping a clean and relaxing experience for everyone who uses it.

Why You Need to Have the Correct pH Level

You must maintain the proper pH balance in your pool. If you see a pool with crystal clear water, it means that the pool has the correct pH balance on top of leaves being skimmed off the surface. A pool with too high of a pH will appear cloudy, which is not exactly inviting for anyone. However, keep in mind that clear water does not always mean that it is safe to swim in. Listed down below are some of the reasons why you need to have a pH balanced pool:

Prevent Bad Bacteria and Germs

Pools should have around a pH level of 7.4, which is coincidentally the same pH level of the human eye. At this level, the effectiveness of chlorine in killing germs and bacteria is ensured. A pool with too low of a pH level will make the chlorine dissolve too fast, whereas too high pH level will cause the chlorine chemical to be inactive.

Prevent Irritation to Your Eyes and Skin

Pool water with imbalanced pH levels can irritate your eyes and skin. This is particularly concerning if you have children in the house. You know how much your kids love spending their time in the pool – sometimes with their eyes open. The last thing you want to see is your kids coming out of the pool with red eyes. 

Apart from making sure that your kids wear goggles when swimming, you should first make sure that the water in the pool is safe for them to begin with. Otherwise, your kids may contract some severe infection due to harmful bacteria in the water.

Prevent Corrosion

Off-balance pool water can cause corrosion on ladders, handrails, as well as other expensive repairs, such as the liner, pump, and heater. Moreover, the corrosion also puts more pollution into the pool, costing you even more money.


It is highly recommended that you check and correct your pH balance every week. It does not take much time for pool water to lose its pH balance and begin harboring bacteria. If you are one of those people who go years without fully changing their pool water, you need to consider paying more attention to your weekly maintenance. 

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It is highly recommended that you check and correct your pH balance every week. It does not take much time for pool water to lose its pH balance and begin harboring bacteria. If you are one of those people who go years without entirely changing their pool water, you need to consider paying more attention to your weekly maintenance. 

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Common Swimming Pool Myths That Need to Be Debunked

Whether you’ve had a pool in your backyard for years or you’re thinking of getting one installed, it’s essential to know that there is a ton of work that goes into maintaining that body of water behind your home. There are also a lot of misconceptions that come with pools. Therefore, you must learn what is real and what isn’t so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want a pool in your backyard. Knowing all there is about pools will ensure that you take good care of it and don’t harm your health or that of others in any way.

Here are a few common swimming pool myths that need to be debunked:

“Saltwater pools don’t use chlorine.”

This myth began when people started to get more fearful concerning the use of chlorine. As the substance developed a reputation for being harmful, people began to choose saltwater pools instead, assuming that they did not need any chlorine. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The truth is that saltwater pools require just as much chlorine as other pools do. There is a saltwater chlorinator that the saltwater will break down into chlorine to keep the water clean. Salt alone cannot sanitize a pool. A little bit of chemical help must be used for it to be effective.

“Chlorine is bad for you.”

Chlorine has actually been used in most of the world’s drinking water since the 1900s. The substance is safe until it is exposed to organic compounds. Therefore, as long as you are using the chemical correctly and in a controlled environment, you should be just fine. 

“You don’t have to shower before a swim.”

It might seem redundant to shower before swimming. However, there is a reason why we are told to do this. Our bodies are covered in organic compounds such as urine, sweat, body oils, and even cosmetics. You must reduce the number of organic compounds on your body before you jump in for a dip, as this will keep your pool water cleaner for longer.

“If it looks clear, it’s clean.”

A pool might look more refreshing when it’s clear, not every transparent pool is clean. There could still be unhealthy levels of microorganisms living within the clearest of pools. You must never skip your routine maintenance or cleaning process just because your pool looks clear.

“Pool water is drinkable.”

While, yes, pool water is technically disinfected and chlorine is safe for consumption in smaller amounts, you should not intentionally drink your pool water. Your pool water will continuously be exposed to the elements. Because of that, it may have many different types of contaminants in it that are not safe for your consumption.

“Chlorine will make your eyes red.”

Your eyes are not itchy or red after a swim because of the chlorine in the water. Instead, it is the result of abnormally high pH or chloramine levels in your pool. This could also be an indication that there is not enough chlorine. You should test your pool water levels and make the appropriate adjustments.

“Chlorine can turn your hair green.”

This is another myth that is incorrectly attributed to chlorine. Copper will only cause this dye effect, and it is typically added to your pool to control the growth of algae. If you don’t want to come out of the pool with green hair, wear a swimming cap. Alternatively, you can wash and shampoo your hair after a swim as that will get rid of the copper before it even affects your hair.

“If you smell strong chlorine, the pool is clean.”

If your pool is clean, there should not be an overwhelmingly chemical smell to it. If you notice a strong odor coming off your pool, it might mean that the chlorine in your water has been mixed with an exceptional amount of contaminants. It is a clear indication that there is something wrong with your pool water, and it should be tested as soon as possible. 

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How to Prepare Your Pool For The Spring & Summer Days

You don’t have to wait for summer days to come to jump into the pool. Oftentimes it gets warm enough to go for a swim during the spring. Before you change into your swimsuit, however, it is crucial to make sure that your pool is ready.

During the cold season, chances are that you closed your pool or left it unattended. It wouldn’t be smart to simply jump in without preparing or cleaning it. Here is how to prepare your pool before the warmer days come:

Schedule the necessary pool services

Although you may not necessarily see anything wrong with your pool, that does not mean that it is ready. There are some pool problems that you cannot see with your naked eye like chemical imbalances, plumbing issues and more. This is the reason why we recommend you have your pool serviced at least once prior to using it.

Since your pool has been sitting for months, you never know what could have happened. Debris or harmful bacteria forming in the pool are some of the leading causes for sickness when using an unsafe pool. When you contact a professional pool cleaning company, make sure that they list out their services. A good company should offer strainer basket cleaning, walls and steps scrubbing, debris removal, pool floor vacuuming, and filter backwashing.

Get a professional for maintenance and repair

If you notice broken tiles or any other damages that may pose safety risks, it is best to hire a professional to take care of the repair as soon as possible. It is dangerous to have people in the pool when there could be a trip or hazard issues.

Having a repairman to call on for regular maintenance is highly encouraged. It never hurts to make sure that everything works properly. Make sure you book your cleaning before spring arrives. In most cases, pool professionals are in high demand once pool season approaches. The longer you wait, the worse issues become. Even tiny damages can grow to become much bigger problems.

Make sure your pool chemicals are balanced

This is an essential factor that many people tend to forget. It’s crucial for you to make sure that the chemicals in your pool water are correctly balanced. If you fail to assess the quality of your water infections or health hazards could result. Avoid eyeballing the amount of chemical you put in your pool water.

There is no way that you can balance them with sight alone. Signs of unbalanced water include green and cloudy-looking water, foaming water, or stained pool walls. That being said, this doesn’t mean that clear water equals well-balanced chemicals. You still have to test your pool water for assurance.

It might be challenging to get the right chemicals for your pool. If you have no experience or knowledge about it, it’s best to contact a professional to assist you. They know the right chemicals and the amounts that should be put in.

Clean the area around the pool regularly

Now that your pool is free of dirt and bacteria, it is time to clean the area around the pool. Who wants to swim in a pool surrounded by leaves and debris? Not only should you sweep the area, but you should also wash and rearrange the poolside furniture. Prepare the pool area for everyone to come out and enjoy the sun as warm days roll around.

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